VPN Development

Custom VPN client

Spare a minute and have insight on an incredible Amber Software which offers development services as well as mobile app design. With an outstanding team that unites in pursuit of a common goal which is to deliver classic mobile apps for your reputable company, the app will give your company wings to fly higher in the digital world. Your already existing application can be taken to a higher notch not to mention that a new one can be created without any problem.

What to expect?

Meet a highly informed team in terms of mobile device from multi-touch animation, personalization, media & video, animation, networking and synchronization. With a high level experience, assisting clients move their web-related applications to a mobile surrounding at the same time enhancing flawless transition from individual platform to the next has always been the team’s target and we never stop until you are satisfied.

The best alternative for creating VPN Client Software

You’ve landed on right page if your desire is to reach the end user as VPN service provider. We’ve dedicated ourselves to relieve VPN service providers their burdens through the development of custom VPN mobile & desktop apps.

What do we offer?

Our efforts are not in vain, but we are geared towards making a difference in your company. Every VPN user will love to see the important VPN functionality that we offer.

  • User can select from a range of existing premium and free servers
  • Non-compulsory VPN auto-enabling on system set up
  • Ability to choose server location
  • involuntary selection of the top VPN server
  • Incase your device isn’t on VPN, there is a non-compulsory internet kill-switch to halt all the network connections.


High Technology

We are well informed about the possible challenges of the VPN protocols. We have a solution that will speedily connect to your current infrastructure.

Time conscious

We understand that you can’t wait to get to the market. Three to five weeks is the standard turnaround time for creating Android & iOS VPN client, in regard to your requirements.

Multiplatform support

With a desktop VPN client for an individual platform, we are liable of rewriting it with the use of cross-platform technologies in order to improve support of Linux, Windows and MacOS with your current codebase, which will stay unchanged for the 3 platforms.

White Labeled Solution

With us, be sure to get a white label VPN app for whatever platform; Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Ubuntu. In such a case, expect short development timeframe.

Don’t click from one page to another in search of the most informed software developers because you have already met the right team who will shed light in your company.