Custom desktop software

Browser run applications combined with a server host have the advantage of being highly efficient. Google applications are proving to be more remarkable in contrast to commonly used Office Software owing to latest developments in Javascript, HTML as well as the browsers being currently used. However, requirements for reliable desktop applications still remain; binary downloads on computers for the implementation of local area networking. A few of these requirements may be emphasized as follows:

  • Audio and video applications require strong programming skills to perform adequately as large amounts of data processing is involved. Other applications of similar requirements will need to be maintained as desktop applications for future usage.
  • Certain applications require a file system in order to be accessed; browser-based applications which may, for security reasons, be allowed limited access rights and are “sand-boxed”. This could be effectively handled by the simple installation of a small component for access purposes and allowing the browser to perform the bulk of other functions effectively.
  • Applications may have the need of a considerable access to hardware. There are limits regarding peripherals or the apparent functioning of operating systems at lower-levels. In addition, the formation of an entire native application is not always deemed as essential.
  • Circumstances compelling the need for something native, special or alluring UI needs for easy interaction may be easily customized within the browser or, even more so, on the desktop. At present, desktop applications have the advantage of being both attractive and unique; native applications like Windows and macOS offer access to a variety of highly interesting UI components.

From the outset, Amber Software has been highly integrated with the advancement of PC application. Software developers have been responsible for gradually enhancing tools and languages contributing to the effective implementation of MacApp, Powerplant on Mac and MFC in Windows programming. All this has helped in maintaining complete control as well as a thorough understanding of the effective implementation of Windows and macOS advancement; serving to enhance the daily development of native applications for every platform.


The last ten years, regarding the world of Windows OS technology, have witnessed considerable changes with A&L remaining at par. We are the expert developers for the Windows store: aka Metro or Modern applications. For the web or desktop: RESTful services in WCF and/or ASP.NET MVC. Our windows programming languages for our projects are C# or C++, but we also utilize Java, Python, Delphi, and others.

HTML5 or javascript has received a first class status ranking on Windows 8 as a language for application development by Microsoft. Thus enabling GUIs to be created using modern web development languages and the choice of using various technologies like GDI+, OpenGL/DirectX, WinRT, WinForms, WPF; there is also the possibility of using Qt or Juce cross platform tools. Furthermore, according to project requirements, there is the availability of a selection of either the integration of free and open source options or a stack consisting of totally Microsoft elements.

Most importantly, A&L have a proven track record of excelling in Windows Software Development. We are renowned for top performance in critical situations and assisting our clients with the commencement of latest hardware devices. No matter if you are interested in the optimization of a network filter or need an ASIO pro audio stack to be compiled, we are the experts and able to face up to all types of challenges.

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We’ve developed high-load VPN network software, complex emulators and document analysis systems.


Desktop Development

macOS, Windows, Linux

Emulators, VPN clients, Pro Audio Software, Drivers, Embedded Systems

Web Development

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