Cashback Browser Extensions

Cashback Browser Extension

Our product is designed to increase ARPU of online cashback sites. It allows user to carry functionality of your website along with them accross the web in a user-friendly way. Now even the smaller purchases, which users did not bother to track before, are tracked. Check the screenshots with sample functionality description below.

Search Engine Notifications

Marks your affiliated merchants in search results. Draws user attention to merchants that offer cashback through your system.

Cashback Notification Slider

Slides-in from the top of the page. Only appears when user visits your affiliate’s website.

Slider informs user that cashback is available from that user, and offers to enable cashback without leaving the online shop. Slider is also a good place to display additional offers/coupons.

Extension Menu

When installed, extension adds a small icon with your logo to browser panel, next to address field. Clicking on the icon brings up the extension menu, where various information can be displayed, like: user’s up-to date cashback
balance, activity history, today’s featured deals, or featured stores.

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