VPN clients, Emulators, E-Discovery, Document Analysis

Custom Development for VPN Service Providers

You’ve landed on right page if your desire is to reach the end user as VPN service provider. We’ve dedicated ourselves to relieve VPN service providers their burdens through the development of custom VPN mobile & desktop apps. We are well informed about the possible challenges of the VPN protocols. We have a solution that will speedily connect to your current infrastructure. We understand that you can’t wait to get to the market. Three to five weeks is the standard turnaround time for creating Android & iOS VPN client, in regard to your requirements.

E-Discovery and Document analysis tools

We have developed systems that can quickly process millions of documents on the fly, disovering the near duplicates, and structurizing the large arrays of documents. These technologies are widely used in forensic and e-Discovery projects.

Custom development of mobile applications and browser extensions

iOS, Android Apps

Get a quote to develop your app for iPhone, iPad, Android, iWatch or SmartTV.

Browser Extensions

Need a shopping button in browser? A password keeper extension? Or maybe you want to reach out your user base in some other way? Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and IE – we know all of them down to their guts.

All together we are doing a respectable job and the final distro impresses everyone. Great job.

George Josh DenoncourtPresident - MARSPEC Corporation

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